eco eggs - organic free range


Nothing added, nothing taken away.  These eggs are produced to the latest organic farming practices.  You can rest assured no herbicides or pesticides are used and our hens have access to roam only in organic pastures and eat only certified organic grains. 

free range - natural living®


Since 1985, Pace Farm has been proud to provide Australian families with our free range eggs. Our girls welfare is always top of mind, hence our free range hens enjoy access to the great outdoors, during the day. Our hens lay premium eggs, rich in flavour and wholesome goodness.

Our Natural Living® eggs are available in a variety of pack sizes and weights to cater for every need. 

cage free - liberty®


In 1997 Pace Farm pioneered the barn laid system of egg production, bringing Liberty cage free eggs to Australian supermarkets. The cage free system provides hens with space to preen, stretch out and flap their wings. In addition to providing secluded nesting boxes for laying eggs. Protection from predators and extreme environments with constant access to fresh feed and water.

pace farm eggs


Family Matters - As an Australian family company we don't just talk about family valies - we live them. For over 35 years, Pace Farm have been delivering farm fresh, affordable eggs to Australian families. We are proud to continue to deliver the goodness of our eggs to your home.

  • ½ dozens
  • dozens
  • 10 packs
  • 15 packs
  • 30 egg trays

Cartons of each pack contain 15 dozen eggs. Available in various egg sizes to suit your requirements, from 500gm dozen pack (42gm egg) up to 850gm pack (70gm + egg) all sizes are available in 1 dozen and 30 egg trays for catering purposes.