commercial use

hard boiled eggs

Pace Farm's whole peeled Hard Boiled Eggs are a healthy addition to any commercial kitchen. For use in any item requiring perfectly formed hard boiled eggs such as devilled or curried eggs and salad bars, Pace Farm Hard Boiled Eggs take all the fuss out of egg preparation. In addition to being used whole, they may also be sliced or chopped as ingredients in salads, sandwiches or mornays. Our pure and natural Hard Boiled Eggs come in a 2.5kg box (approximately 50 boiled eggs).

fresh pasteurised whole egg

Pace Farm's Fresh Pasteurised Whole Egg provides chefs and food manufacturers with all the flavour and goodness of eggs. Fresh Pasteurised Whole Egg ensures that the quantities of yolks and whites occur in the same natural proportions as they do from quality farm fresh eggs. The only difference is that the product is blended and pasteurized, to give the user greater confidence in the safety and consistency of the end product.

Fresh Pasteurised Whole Egg can be in all recipes requiring whole egg. The whipping and binding characteristics are ideal for cakes, biscuits and sponges. The egg coagulates and sets custards, quiches and omelettes. The binding properties also make it an excellent egg wash for fried foods. Pace Farm Fresh Pasteurised Whole Egg is available in bulk pallecons of approximately 1000kg or 10kg "bag in box" cartons.

meringue mix

Pace Farm's Meringue Mix has been scientifically formulated to produce the highest whip and sugar holding characteristics possible. It provides a convenient, ready-to-go solution for commercial manufacturers of meringues. Our Meringue Mix is available in 1kg resealable tubs or 15kg multi walled bags.

fresh egg white mix

Pace Farm's Fresh Egg White Mix is 100% pure egg. A base of egg whites is separated from quality farm fresh eggs and then pasteurised to ensure purity, stability and performance. Pace's Fresh Egg White Mix is perfect for large manufacturers of pavlovas, meringues and confectionery. Fresh Egg White Mix is available in bulk pallecons containing approximately 1000kg of product or as a 10kg "bag in box" cartons.