egg yolk powder

Pace Farm Egg Yolk Powder has a varied range of applications in commercial cookery. The emulsifying properties make it a perfect ingredient in the preparation of mayonnaise. Additionally, its binding and coagulating qualities make it an ideal ingredient in doughnuts, pastries, cosmetics, custards and packet mixes. Egg Yolk Powder is available in a 15kg multi-walled bag.

high whip egg white powder

Pace Farm's High Whip Egg White Powder has all the whipping and aerating properties of fresh egg whites but with the convenience of a powdered product. It is ideal in the manufacture of meringues, pavlovas, confectionery or glazed pastries, or as a binder in small goods and dry packet mixes. Egg White Powder is available in a 15kg multi-walled bag.

whole egg powder

Pace Farm's Whole Egg Powder is an ideal substitute for fresh eggs in commercial production of cake mixes, crumb mixes, cosmetics, biscuits, dry diet meals, health drinks and drink additives. Some of the key features include the low cost of storage and a stable shelf life. Pace Farm's Whole Egg Powder has excellent binding, emulsifying and heat coagulating properties and is available either in a 15kg multi-walled bags or a 500gm plastic tub.

pavlova mix

Pace Farm's Pavlova Mix delivers a beautifully light pavlova every time. The mixture has high whip and sugar holding characteristics and is ideal for large-scale production. Pace Farm's Pavlova Mix is available in an 600gm resealable tub.

pace protein plus

Pace Farm also manufactures egg white powder suitable for consumption as a high protein sports supplement, in a 400gm tub. Please contact our customer service department on 1300 653 447 to arrange mail order.