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using eggs safely

Like all perishable foods, Pace Farm eggs need to be handled and stored correctly. Always keep your Pace Farm eggs in the fridge. Eggs will deteriorate as much in one day if left in a warm room as they will in 4-5 days if left in the fridge.

Always check your eggs before storing them. Eggs are fragile and can be cracked or damaged quite easily. All cracked or dirty eggs should be discarded as they increase the probability of contamination.

As egg shells are porous and covered by more than 17,000 tiny surface pores, strong odours and flavours can be absorbed. Your eggs should always be stored away from strong smelling foods.

keep them in the carton

Eggs are best stored in their carton rather than the fridge door. In addition to acting as a cushion to prevent damage, cartons keep your Pace Farm eggs dry, prevent moisture loss and insulate them from the smells of other foods in your fridge.

Also store eggs vertically, with the large end up. This helps to keep the yolk centred and will protect the egg's air pocket.

Some simple precautions can also be taken when selecting your eggs. Check the best before date and make sure that you use your eggs by this date.

While eggs will normally keep for between 4-5 weeks, careful storage will prolong their shelf life, which is why you should refrigerate them as soon as you arrive home.

Eat egg dishes as soon as possible after cooking, keep foods refrigerated if left to stand. Foods containing raw or only lightly cooked eggs must be treated with particular care.

And remember, always wash your hands before and after handling any food.