EggDecoratingEgg decorating and colouring is fun any time of year – not just Easter.

Our kids zone show you how to create gorgeous eggs through a number of techniques.

Decorate with ribbons, jewels, flowers and bows - the only limit is your imagination.

  • Dyed eggs
  • Glittered eggs
  • Egg ornaments
  • Painted eggs

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want your eggs hard boiled or blown.

If you use hard boiled eggs they should be kept refrigerated, if you intend to eat them. Because eggs have porous shells don't eat them if they have been left out of the fridge, painted with acrylic / craft paints or covered with glue and glitter. Eggs that have been dyed with food grade or natural dyes should be fine to eat.

Blown eggs are quite fragile and could be difficult for younger children to handle.

To make a blown egg poke a small hole in each end of the egg with a large needle. Push needle into egg and twist around to break the yolk. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow hard through the hole until the shell is empty. Rinse eggshells well and allow to dry. (You can save the raw eggs and scramble them for breakfast).

Dyed Eggs

DyedEggsThere are many ways to dye eggs. The most popular methods are described below.

Ensure children are supervised by adults when working with hot water; and always make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area when using dyes (no matter what kind).

White eggs work the best with pale colours, but brown or cream eggs will work just as well.

Remember, if you use food colour dyes or natural dyes your eggs should be OK to eat. But we don't recommend that you eat eggs that have been dyed with crepe paper, crayons, fabric dyes or any other kind of dyes.

natural dye

  • Various food and plant items
  • Sauce pans for each color
  • Slotted spoon
  • Strainer
  • Cooking oil
  • Soft cloth
  1. Pour 1 cup of water in each sauce pan. Add cut-up fruit, vegetables or plants (carrots, blueberries, lawn clippings, the brown outside skins of onions and coffee all work well). Bring to a boil and simmer until water turns a dark color. Don't worry, the eggs will turn out much paler than the colour you see in the saucepan.
  2. Remove from the saucepan from the heat and strain to remove the plant/vegetable material – reserve the water in a small deep dish.
  3. When water is cool add boiled or blown eggs. Let sit until they turn the desired color. Turn the eggs occasionally if they are not completely covered by the coloured water.
  4. Remove the eggs from the dish with slotted spoon and allow to dry.
  5. Polish with small amount of cooking oil and soft cloth (this brings out the colour)

crepe paper dye

  • Different color crepe paper
  • Hot water
  • Small bowls or cups
  • Slotted spoon
  • Cooking oil
  • Soft cloth

Soak crepe paper in hot water in individual bowls or cups for each color. Add eggs and allow to sit in water until he desired color is achieved. Remove with slotted spoon and allow to dry. Polish with small amount of cooking oil and soft cloth.

food colouring dye

  • Food coloring
  • Hot water
  • White vinegar
  • Small bowls or cups
  • Slotted spoon
  • Cooking oil
  • Soft cloth

For each color measure 1/4 tsp. food coloring in small bowl. Add 3/4 cup hot water and 1 tbsp. white vinegar to each color. Add eggs and allow to sit until they are the desired color. Remove with slotted spoon. Polish dry eggs with small amount of cooking oil and soft cloth.

waxed eggs

  • Wax crayons
  • Paper towels
  • Egg dyes in different colors
  • Slotted spoon
  • Cooking oil
  • Soft cloth

Draw a heavy crayon patter on hard boiled egg. Dip egg in egg dye preferably a dark color. Leave in dye until desired color is reached. Remove with slotted spoon and place in 200 degree Celsius oven for a few minutes until wax is melted. Wipe with paper towel and dip again in lighter dye to fill in pattern where wax was. Polish finished eggs with cooking oil and soft cloth.

dip & dye eggs

  • Masking tape
  • Different color egg dye
  • Slotted spoon
  • Cooking oil
  • Soft cloth

Stick a pattern of masking tap on plain hard boiled egg. Dip egg in egg dye and leave until desired color is reached. Remove with slotted spoon and air dry. Remove masking tape when dry. Leave masked areas white or dip again in another lighter dye. Polish finished egg with cooking oil and soft cloth.

Glittered Eggs

glitter eggsCoating Easter eggs with glitter provides a sparkling display. Powdered glitter comes from most craft shops or $2 shops and can be mixed together or used as a single colour.


  • Eggs
  • Powdered glitter in multiple colours
  • Bowls and spoons
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft glue


  1. Blow the yolk and white out of the egg.
  2. Brush craft glue onto egg.
  3. Gently set egg in bowl of glitter and spoon the glitter over the egg, covering the entire surface.
  4. Remove from the bowl and set on waxed paper to dry.

Egg Ornaments

egg ornamentsA very different way to decorate your Christmas Tree is to use eggs decorated with ribbons and trimmings.


  • Eggs
  • Food colouring
  • Long needle
  • Ribbons / trimmings
  • Craft glue


  1. Blow the yolk and white out of the egg. If you wish to dye your eggs please see additional instructions.
  2. Attach a band of ribbon or trim around the shell with craft glue.
  3. Cover a hole at one end of the egg with a silk flower or a small bow; glue in place.
  4. Thread a piece of ribbon (tying both ends into a knot) onto the long needle and pass through both holes in the egg. This creates a hanging loop for the egg.
  5. Glue a small ribbon over the knotted end of ribbon.
  6. Hang the eggs from an egg tree or your Christmas tree.

Painted Eggs

You can paint your eggs simply by using a paintbrush and craft paint, but for something different see these crafty ideas.

marble eggs

  • Large glass jar
  • Crayon stubs
  • Vegetable grater
  • Hot water
  • Waxed paper or newspaper
  • Empty egg carton
  • Clear acrylic spray (optional)


  1. Grate peeled crayons over waxed paper.
  2. Fill jar with very hot water. Drop bits of grated crayon into water.
  3. Add hard boiled or blown egg as soon as crayon begins to melt.
  4. Twirl egg in water with spoon. The wax should make a design on the egg.
  5. Carefully remove egg and set upside-down in egg carton to dry.
  6. Once dry, spray with clear acrylic to seal.

sponge painted eggs

  • Liquid tempra paint
  • Paper cups (for each color)
  • Small pieces of foam or sponge
  • Clothes pins (for each color)
  • Egg cups
  • Clear acrylic spray
  1. Place hard boiled or blown eggs in egg cups.
  2. Partially fill paper cups with different colors of paint.
  3. Clip a piece of sponge to a clothes pin and dip into paper cups, use the clothes pin as a handle.
  4. Lightly dab the sponge over the top half of the egg. Let dry. Turn egg over and repeat procedure.
  5. Let the egg dry completely. If using blown eggs, spray with acrylic spray for a permanent finish.