a solid past

In 1978, Pace Farm was formed as an egg company, with just one property managing 22,000 hens. Now it is one of Australia's leading producer and marketer of eggs and egg products, with more than 2,000,000 hens farmed across many sites.

consistent in nature

Today, Pace Farm is an entirely self-sufficient company, whether rearing day-old chicks, blending our own feed, collecting and grading eggs, processing egg products, or delivering via our own fleet of vehicles. 

Pace Farm eggs and products are now recognised for their consistent quality and freshness across Australia and South East Asia.  We utilise the most advance farming technology and management systems to ensure the highest standards in food safety and animal husbandry.   

Investment in innovation and exceeding international standards are primary drivers within Pace Farm.  Our state of the art facilities allow us to consistently exceed international standards in:

  • product quality
  • bio-security (low risk of disease)
  • flock care
  • environmental impact
  • an evolving future

In 2006 Pace Farm completed construction of it's new state of the art rearing, laying and grading facility.  "Wattle Ridge" is the most sophisticated egg operation in the southern hemisphere and has already received international accolades as well as an excellence award for environment and planning.

The farm is a quantum leap forward in food safety, animal husbandry and welfare.

"Wattle Ridge" eggs are packed and graded the same day they are laid.  The mechanised process means eggs are never touched by human hands or other contaminants, enabling the highest standard of food safety.  The layer cage design exceeds the 2008 requirements for space allowance per hen, contains facilities for perches, self grooming, environmental controls, automated feeding and watering systems. 

Founded by Frank Pace, Pace Farm remains a private, family-owned business under the stewardship of three generations of the Pace family, and is headquartered in Minchinbury, 30kms west of Sydney.

Everyone at Pace Farm is passionate about eggs and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality products to your family from ours.