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Pace Farm is a fully integrated egg and egg product producer and marketer. Our operations include:

  • the rearing of pullets
  • the farming of eggs under all three production styles, free-range, barn laid and caged
  • the grading and packing of eggs
  • a breaking plant that produces egg products
  • the sale and marketing of all our products
  • the transport and delivery of our product range through our own private fleet of trucks

Pace Farm also operates its own egg processing plant, supplying egg products to major food processors, caterers, bakeries and the food service industry in Australia and overseas.

in good company

At Pace Farm we manage every step in the production process, from the farm to the store, enabling us to protect and maintain the premium quality of all our products.

Pace Farm has long championed a humane approach to the production of eggs, launching such specialist brands as Liberty® Barn Laid RSPCA and Eco Eggs (a 100% organic free-range product).