championing social responsibility

Pace Farm receives several hundred proposals for donations/ sponsorships every year. Our commitment to giving something back to the people that love our eggs means that certain requirements and guidelines must be followed when applying for sponsorships or donations.

1. Objective

The primary objective for Pace Farm in making donations, is to display our commitment to social responsibility by making a return contribution to the societies in which we operate. 

Sponsorships have quite a different focus, allowing us to strengthen our corporate identity and will therefore inevitably have a commercial focus. 

Pace Farm's Sponsorship and Donation Policy focuses on the development of longer-term partnerships with community-based organisations. Generally, a bias will be shown to those organisations that are based near or around our operations, and to which Pace Farm staff members actively belong.

What are Donations? Donations are often gifts to charity or community groups. Donations are given to genuine not-for-profit organisations only, and it is Pace Farm's preference that longer-term relationships be developed rather than an involvement in one-off events. Unfortunately, Pace Farm only has a limited amount of monetary donations available. 

What are sponsorships? Sponsorships are defined as the provision of cash or in-kind support to a project, activity or organisation external to the business for a clearly identified benefit that is consistent with an organisation's stated objectives.

Sponsorships are agreements of a commercial nature.

2. Criteria

To be successful, a written proposal must be received that addresses the following criteria:

Description of program/event

Date event is occuring

Requirement eg. monetary donation, egg donation

Description of program/event and the specific objectives for the program/event.  

Target audience
Identify the projected audience or spectator numbers and number of participants in the program or event.

Benefits to the sponsor (if applicable)
Detail the benefits to Pace in return for its sponsorship funding (Eg. inclusion in newsletter, advertising, media releases).  State the benefits to your local community/organisation.  Consider the consistency of the sponsorship with Pace's goals.

Location and date
Indicate when and where the program/event will take place.

Other sponsors (if applicable)
Provide details of sponsors already supporting the program/event, and the extent of their involvement.

Program/event experience
Provide details of previous experience in running similar programs or events, and resources to be committed to successful management.

Sponsorship / Donation funding
Specify the total amount of funds requested, including a breakdown of how the funds will be utilised, plus a timetable for payment.  Indicate if monetary sponsorship is required, or whether an egg donation is preferred.

Additional support
Provide details of additional support requirements, including advertising, banners, signage, posters, promotional items.

Unfortunately, Pace Farm receives several hundred requests each year from a variety of organisations seeking our support for very worthwhile initiatives. We will always seek to assess each submission on their own individual merits, however as a result of budgetary constraints not all proposals can be accommodated.

Pace will however acknowledge receipt of all proposals in writing.

3. Limitations

Pace Farm will not consider applications for sponsorship of the following areas:

Projects, Organisations or persons who cannot provide satisfactory details of the service, delivery or other necessary aspects of the activities in which they are involved

Political campaigns or associations for race specific organisations

Religious organisations except where they involve the assistance of recognised welfare services

Activities that are deemed unsafe or breach accepted community standards

4. Proposal Format

Proposals should be directed to: 

Public Affairs Manager
Pace Farm Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 800
Rooty Hill NSW 2766 

Fax +612 9830 9801 

Please note proposals submitted less than 1 month prior to the scheduled event/activity will not be considered.