Our Free Range farms

Since the early 2000’s Pace Farm has only developed Free Range and Cage Free farms. Eggs should always be handled with care and we extend that care to our hens as well.

Free range
Please note range areas may vary due to climatic conditions.
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Free Range provides hens with access to outdoor areas. Our hens enjoy sunlight and fresh air, and engage in natural behaviour, free to stroll about on open fields, dust-bathing, exploring and foraging for up to eight hours every day. They’re housed securely and comfortably in barns at night, safe from predators or extreme weather.

Our hens enjoy the outdoors all year

Hens out doors

Our hens range at between 1500 and less than 10,000 birds per hectare. That’s plenty of room to stroll about scratching around with ample personal space.

Our Rotational Range System replenishes the fields

Rotational range system

Pace Farm has a Rotational Range System on selected farms only. Wherever possible we rotate our hens across multiple ranges. This lets us grow and regenerate fresh pastures, giving hens access to fresh grazing grounds over a longer period of the year than what is provided by a single large paddock system. We also cycle the growth of seasonal grasses, which also helps replenish our pastures over the year.

By providing our hens with the best possible environment, they’re happy and lay high quality delicious eggs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.