Pace Farm Solar Energy Program

Pace Farm is the Australian egg industry’s largest solar investor. We’re determined to reduce our reliance on grid electricity, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar panels
Please note range areas may vary due to climatic conditions.
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We started our solar energy systems in 2017 and since then have kept expanding our program. We’re currently generating enough power for 1300 homes for a year. Or the comparative use of 2000 cars.

Solar panels

Egg production does require a lot of energy. Hens are housed in secure barns that are kept at a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Reducing our reliance on the grid

Solar system

With a lot of high tech machinery involved in our process, our solar panels greatly reduce our consumption of imported energy across a whole range of applications, including lighting, heating and equipment.


To conserve energy consumption we also use high-efficiency motors, lighting and ventilation systems with the goal of using as little power as possible. Every kilowatt-hour of energy produced by the sun is a kilowatt hour we don't have to buy, so we’re saving on costs as much as we’re saving on emissions.

Solar ideal for peak demand periods

Peak periods

Peak demand for power on egg farms aligns well with solar power production, because in warm weather more energy is needed in the middle of the day to cool high shed temperatures which peak at the same time.

There’s nothing more environmentally friendly than the sun’s own energy. Pace Farm is leading the way in the Australian egg industry towards a lower-carbon future.