Pace Farm Sustainability Program

We’re producing the eggs Australians love but we’re also dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Please note range areas may vary due to climatic conditions.
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Australians desire for eggs is growing. For example the per capita egg consumption has grown in Australia, from 221 in FY14/15, to 257 in FY20/21. That’s nearly an egg a day for every weekday in the year. People really value eggs and they want to trust in the production process and see genuine sustainability in action.

Besides our large scale solar energy production, the Pace Farm sustainability program includes many more initiatives.

Recycling our waste water

Waste water

No used water goes to waste. We recycle our wastewater and repurpose it for greening and nourishing surrounding farmland, with excess wastewater stored for later use.

Mass tree planting

Tree plantation

Our tree plantation program has introduced 16,000 trees so far and it keeps growing, adding canopy cover on our farms and greening the environment. The new trees increase carbon dioxide absorption and also improve air and soil quality.

Manure recycling

Chicken manure

Chicken manure is recycled as fertiliser and is one of the best organic types, providing a balance of highly valuable natural nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, as well as calcium, sulphur and trace elements.

Manure from hens is a valuable plant nutrient resource for grazing and cropping systems. It not only has a higher nutrient content than other animal manures, it also improves soil by adding beneficial organic matter, improving soil structure and water holding capacity.

Our hens help sustain and nourish the great pastures and bountiful crops that help feed the nation.